Occupational health

These services are available to Isle of Man Government Departments, Boards and Offices and their employees only.

Role of the Occupational Health Service (OHS)

Occupational Health is a confidential and impartial medical advisory service. The physicians and nurses of the Occupational Health Service provide specialist medical advice to assist managers/supervisors and individuals to understand how health issues may affect work.

The advice from Occupational Health:

  • is frequently required as part of the monitoring and management of sickness absence
  • is impartial
  • aims to assist individuals to regain their health and return to work as quickly as possible
  • helps individuals who are unable to return to their normal duties to find the best way forward
  • assists managers and individuals to plan for the impact of absence or health restrictions.

Occupational Health Referrals

Online access for managers and employees to make a referral

Contact Occupational Health for your company reference to enable creating an account.

Management Referrals

Reason for Referral

Managers/supervisors may consider referring staff to Occupational Health if there is:

  • long term or continuing sickness absence where it is not clear when the person is likely to be able to return to work
  • persistent and recurrent short term absence
  • evidence or concern that the employee’s health is being adversely affected by their work
  • a possibility that health may be a factor in performance or disciplinary issues
  • the need to consider re-deployment, dismissal or retirement because of health reasons
  • a health problem or disability which might be able to be accommodated in the workplace
  • a diagnoses of an illness that may cause attendance issues. Occupational Health can provide support and strategies to enable managers and individuals to manage the illness and remain in work.

The guidance document produced by the Department of Health and Social Care clarifies management’s role in sickness absence. It provides detailed information for managers/supervisors making referrals to Occupational Health and offers guidance on the Occupational Health Assessment Process, phased return to work and ill health retirement.

Self Referral

Any member of staff is able to make a self referral to Occupational Health and this is completely confidential. Medical or personal information will not be disclosed to your manager or the Office of Human Resources. The Occupational Health staff would only be required to inform your Manager or OHR if they were made aware of any health issues which could seriously affect your fitness to work or the health and safety of yourself and colleagues or clients.

Temporary Injury Allowance

An individual on authorised absence with reduced pay or no pay because of an injury or disease wholly or mainly attributable to their employment may qualify for Temporary Injury Allowance (TIA). Entitlement to TIA is decided by the claimant’s employer. Applications for TIA should be made by the staff member to their line manager. The individual or manager can contact their HR Advisory team for further information.

Accident – Third Party Claim

If an absence from work is the result of an injury caused by the negligence of a third party and if damages may be recoverable from the third party sick pay may not be paid. Where there is a possibility of a claim for damages against a third party, the individual or manager should contact their HR Advisory team for further information as soon as possible as this could affect the claim.