Health and safety

These services are available to Isle of Man Government Departments, Boards and Offices and their employees only.

The main purpose of the Health and Safety section of the Division is to provide a specialist health and safety advisory service to Government departments, boards and offices. This includes providing information, advice and support for managers to assist them in complying with legislative requirements and best practice derived from specialist organisations and comparable industries.


The aims of the Welfare section of the Division are to support Government staff in the protection of their own health and well being, to encourage individuals to recognise and accept responsibility for their own welfare and to facilitate good working relationships between managers and individuals. These aims are achieved by providing the following services to all Government staff: confidential staff support services, liaison with other support services in the public, private and voluntary sectors, facilitation for improvement in workplace relationships.

Health Safety and Welfare Services forms part of the Chief Officer's Division of the Office of Human Resources.