Sick absence record is giving cause for concern


If an employee's sick absence record is giving cause for concern the line manager or supervisor should review the case and consider whether it may be appropriate to refer the matter to the relevant Occupational Health Advisor. The line manager/supervisor must discuss with and inform the employee of the concern and that the matter may be referred to the Occupational Health Service.

The Department may at any time require an employee absent from work due to illness to attend an examination at Occupational Health, at a mutually agreed time, with the option to be accompanied if they wish. Employees need not have exhausted their paid sick leave, nor do employees need to be on sickness absence to be referred by their employer for a medical examination. For further guidance, refer to the Management of Sickness Absence Policy and Guidance. In the event of a difference in medical opinion between the GP and the Occupational Health Advisor as to the employee's fitness for work, the matter should be referred back to Occupational Health in the first instance.