Annual leave and public holidays


Full time employees appointed to a post after the effective date of the Agreement will receive the following entitlement to Annual Leave. Part time employees will be entitled to the same allowances proportionate to their working patterns.

Length of Service Annual Leave (Days)

On appointment


After 3 years


After 5 years


7 years


9 years


10 years


What was referred to as the 'Privilege Day' at Christmas is now included in the Annual Leave entitlement as shown above. Where workplaces are closed on the privilege day, the employee will be required to utilise annual or flexi leave (where applicable).

In addition to annual leave, employees will be entitled to public holidays as laid down by the Treasury.

Any employee who is employed on shifts providing 365/366 (in the case of a leap year) days a year cover may apply to take time off for hours worked on bank holidays at any time during the year:

  • the granting of time off for public holidays will be subject to management agreement, taking into account the needs of the service and time off requested by other employees
  • in general the same principles will be applied when considering requests for time off on public holidays as are applied in considering requests for annual leave