Promotion and pay progression



A promotion is the progression of an employee to a new role with a separate and higher pay scale. A promotion does not occur when a progression to a new pay scale takes place as part of the regrading or assimilation to a new or extended pay scale of a whole grade or group in a Department or throughout the Public Service.

On promotion, an employee will normally enter the higher scale at:

  1. the minimum point of the new scale or if this does not yield a higher salary
  2. the next available point on the higher scale above the spine point reached on the existing scale if this yields a higher salary

It is recognised that on occasion and in exceptional cases a higher promotion increase may be justified, based on previous relevant experience, qualifications, skills and periods of substitution.

Increment date normally changes to first day of month of promotion to new post. Any variation to this must be approved by the Secretary of the Public Services Commission or their delegate.


Last updated January 2024 Amendment: PSC 15-188