Existing employees


Where existing employees are promoted, new pay rates under this Agreement will be applied, but, unless otherwise stated, no other changes of terms and conditions will apply.

Existing employees who are promoted on or after the effective date of the Agreement (in a job role where the terms of this Agreement applied at the time of recruitment) will be assimilated onto the pay scales contained within this Agreement. However, existing provisions relating to:

  • sickness
  • annual leave allowances and
  • overtime

remain unchanged for these employees, unless otherwise agreed by the Public Services Commission JNC.  

Existing pay, terms and conditions will be permanently protected for existing employees that stay on the same grade, unless in future through negotiations with unions, any further changes are agreed.

Where posts are advertised prior to the effective date of the Agreement, as Civil Service Commission and Whitley Council posts with the former scales, and where appointment commences after 1 April 2016, the former scales and other pay arrangements will apply.