Facilities for staff organisations

25.1 Partnership underpins and facilitates the development of sound and effective employee relations throughout the organisation. It is acknowledged by all stakeholders that in recognising the priority needs for patient services, residential and day care provision, staff representatives can participate fully in the partnership process.

25.2 Employers should allow reasonable paid facility time for recognised staff officials to carry out negotiations with the employer about matters for which the union or professional body is recognised and to undergo training relevant to these duties.

25.3 Examples of these duties include:

  • terms and conditions of employment
  • engagement or termination of employment
  • allocation of work
  • matters of discipline
  • union membership or non-membership
  • facilities for staff officials
  • machinery for negotiation or consultation or other procedures

25.4 Examples of time off for training include:

  • initial basic training, subsequent skills and advanced training
  • training for legislative changes

25.5 The Department of Health and Department of Social Care should also give reasonable time off during working hours for trade union members or representatives for:

  • executive committee meetings, annual conferences or regional union meetings
  • voting in properly conducted ballots on industrial relations
  • voting in union elections
  • meetings to discuss urgent matters relating to the workplace

Further information about the partnership approach can be found at Appendix 1.