Overtime payments

3.1 All staff in pay bands 1 to 7 will be eligible for overtime payments. There is a single harmonised rate of time-and-a-half for all overtime, with the exception of work on Sundays and General Public Holidays, which will be paid at double time. Sundays and General Public Holidays are classed as midnight to midnight. All overtime must have been agreed prior to it being worked.

3.2 Overtime payments will be based on the hourly rate provided by basic pay plus any long-term recruitment and retention premia.

3.3 Part-time employees will receive payments for the additional hours at plain time rates until their hours exceed standard hours of 37½ hours a week.

Example An employee who is contracted to work 20 hours a week will receive any additional hours in the same week between 20 hours and 37½ hours at plain time. Any overtime hours resulting in an employee working in excess of 37½ hours in the week will receive the rates described in 3.1 and 3.2 above.

3.4 The single overtime rate will apply whenever excess hours are worked over full time hours unless time off is taken in lieu, provided the employee’s line manager or team leader has agreed with the employee to this work being performed outside the standard hours.

  • Staff in Bands 1 – 7 may request to take time off in lieu as an alternative to overtime payments.
  • Staff who, for operational reasons, are unable to take time off in lieu within 3 months must be paid at the overtime rate if they wish unless they have already received payment on the enhancement.
  • Staff should not accrue more than 5 days (37½ hours) time owing at any one time.
  • Staff in Bands 8 – 9 will not be entitled to overtime payments but may request to take time back in lieu of extra hours worked. The employee’s line manager or team leader must have agreed for the employee to carry out this work outside the standard hours.

3.5 Time off in lieu of additional hours worked will be taken at plain time (hour for hour) and only with the agreement of both the employee and their line manager.