Working or providing emergency cover outside of normal hours

Annex D

Working outside normal hours

  1. The interim regime, set out in Section 2, provides for staff outside the ambulance service to continue to be paid for work in standard hours. This excludes overtime and work arising from on-call duties carried out during unsocial hours. The mechanism for payment is the provision described within the relevant current Whitley Council provisions for each staff group.

On-call and other extended service cover

  1. From 1 April 2006, where agreed locally, all current on-call arrangements will remain in force, irrespective of whether they were nationally or locally agreed until such time as new harmonised agreement can be reached for all groups.

  2. The location of each current national agreement is in the handbooks and Advance Letters of the functional Whitley Councils, as indicated below.
Functional Whitley Council National agreements location
Nurses and Midwives Section 5: Special duty payments
Nursing and Midwifery Staffs Negotiating Council handbook
Professions allied to medicine (AHP)

Section 3: Allowances
Professions Allied to Medicine and related Grades of Staff (PTA) Council handbook: special duty payments

Professional and Technical staff (estates officers, MTOs, ATOs, biomedical scientists, pathology support and dental auxiliaries)

Section 4: Emergency duties
PTB Council handbook
(the 'green' book)

Scientific and professional staff  
Speech and language therapists No provision: see Section 2, paragraph 9
Clinical psychologists and Child psychotherapists No provision: see Section 2, paragraph 9
Healthcare pharmacists Appendix F of Advance Letter (PH) 2/91: Unsocial hours payments
Advance Letter (PH) 1/86 paragraph 4: Emergency duty service
Appendix C to Advance Letter (PH) 1/2004: Emergency duty commitment allowance