Mileage allowances

Annex L

Official distances

The distances between various towns and villages on the Isle of Man are given below and mileage allowance claims should be based on these distances unless there are special reasons, which must be stated, for claiming a greater distance.

a) Single journey distances

Journeys Distance (in miles)
Castletown to Port Erin 4 (via Shore Road)
Castletown to Port St Mary 4 (via Shore Road)
Douglas to Ramsey 17
Douglas to Laxey 8
Douglas to Peel 11
Douglas to Castletown 10
Douglas to Port Erin 14
Douglas to Ronaldsway 9
Douglas to Colby 12
Douglas to Jurby 17
Douglas to Wildlife Park 19 (via Ballacraine/Ballaugh)
Douglas to Wildlife Park 15 (via Sulby Glen)
Douglas to Kirk Michael 15
Douglas to Cregneash 16
Douglas to Onchan 2
Ramsey to Bride 5
Ramsey to Peel 16
Peel to Port Erin 14
Peel to Port St Mary 14
Peel to Castletown 12

b) Return journeys distances

Journeys Distance (in miles)
CGO to Police Headquarters 3
CGO to HM Prison 3
CGO to Tromode House 3 (via Tromode Road)
CGO to Vehicle Testing Centre 3
CGO to Training Centre, Peel Road 2
CGO to UCM, Homefield Road 4
Sea Terminal to Nobles Hospital (Braddan) 6
Circular Road to Nobles Hospital (Braddan) 5

*CGO is Central Government Offices on Bucks Road