Stand-by duty allowance

Article 16

1. Where an employee is required to undertake standby duty at home, thereby undertaking to be available for 'call-out' outside normal working hours, the following payments shall be made. The sessional payments shall be calculated as percentages of the weekly wage rates agreed at the last general pay increase for Grade 3 Manual Workers and shall apply for the whole of the following standby period as follows:

  • Monday to Friday – 4%
  • Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays – 8%
    (rounded up to the nearest 1p)

It is the responsibility of the Employer to determine:

  1. whether or not standby arrangements should be operated and if so,
  2. whether they should be on the basis of weather reports or on a full coverage during a stated period of the year
  3. the number of employees to be on standby – Notional starting and finishing times shall be used in relation to Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

2. Separate arrangements apply to Water Workers and MUA Water Workers.

The following payments shall be made to Water Workers with effect from 1 April 2021:

Daily rate
Weekdays 11.09
Saturday 23.55
Sunday 32.04
Public Holidays 32.04
Weekly rate
Basic Week 111.04
Inclusive of 1 Public Holiday 131.99

In terms of the Local Agreement signed on 27 September 2012, operative date 1 November 2011, MUA Water Workers Out-of Hours, Stand-by Payments will be as follows:

MUA Water Workers Out-of Hours, Stand-by Payments
Weekly stand-by payment 279.39
Weekday stand-by payment 21.49
Weekend stand-by payment 85.96
Public Holiday stand-by payment 85.96

This agreement does not override the normal provisions of the Public Services Commission Manual and Craft Workers Memorandum of Agreement in regard to overtime payments for recall to duty.

These payments will be increased each year at the same percentage rate as the Public Services Commission Manual and Craft Workers annual pay award (or the percentage as specifically applied to Class 2 Water Worker where differing awards across the various classes of water workers is implemented).

Last Updated - August 2021