Split duty – Dayworkers

Article 7

a) Employees whose normal daily duty necessitates more than 1 attendance with a continuous break between attendances of not less than 2 hours, including the normal break, shall be paid an additional 5p per hour for both full-time and part-time employees for all hours worked during such spread-over duty, subject to the payment being merged or abated, as appropriate, where a rate of pay already includes an element in respect of such normal daily duty.

b) The payment shall not be taken into account in calculating payments in respect of overtime or any other enhanced payments and shall not apply to:

  1. Employees called upon to return to work
  2. Employees engaged on night work
  3. School caretakers, seasonal workers, shift workers or school crossing patrols

c) Where part-time school cleaners conditioned to split duty work during school-term are transferred to continuous duty during a period of school closure, the addition shall continue at the amount payable during term time.


Last Updated - February 2016