Scope of Agreement

Article 1

The terms and conditions of service hereinafter set out shall apply, as appropriate, to general manual workers and young employees and to craftsmen and apprentices (hereinafter referred to as 'employees') in the service of Government Departments Boards and Offices (as Public Services Commission employees) and, on a by analogy basis, within Isle of Man Local Authorities. For the avoidance of doubt manual and craft workers employed by the following parts of Government are not covered by this agreement:

  1. Former manual and craft employees of the Manx Utility Authority (MUA)
  2. Isle of Man Post Office
  3. Bus Vannin Section of Isle of Man Transport Division, Department of Infrastructure
  4. Estates Maintenance Health, Operations Division of the Department of Infrastructure
  5. Casual workers within the Department of Education and Children (NSC) or the Department of Economic Development (Villa Marina Gaiety Theatre)

Note: The addresses of the Employers' and Employees' Sides of the Public Services Commission JNC are given below:

Employers' Side Employees' Side

Office of Human Resources
2nd Floor
Illiam Dhone House
Circular Road

Unite the Union
Transport House
25 Fort Street
Chesterfield House
10-13 Victoria Street
+44 1624 685000 +44 1624 621156 +44 1624 625800