Public and Privilege Holidays

Article 18

a) Irrespective of the period of his service, an employee shall be granted a holiday with a normal day's pay:

  1. on the following Bank Holidays or their equivalents:
    • 1 January
    • Good Friday
    • Easter Monday
    • First Monday in May
    • Spring Bank Holiday
    • Friday in TT Race Week
    • Tynwald Day
    • Summer Bank Holiday
    • Christmas Day
    • St Stephen's Day (Boxing Day)

  2. and on the day declared as the Privilege Holiday for managers in the employing authority concerned.

Note: In accordance with the spirit of the Council Agreement it is recognised that the date of the actual Privilege Day may vary between central and local government employees. At the date of the Agreement, for example, the Privilege Holiday for Civil Service managers is during the Christmas period on the next normal working day after St Stephen's Day (Boxing Day) and this will be the day for most manual and craft workers. Where any employing authority has a different Privilege Day for its managers the manual and craft workers concerned must be given reasonable notice of it.

b) The provisions of this Article do not apply to Leisure Group Workers within the Department of Economic Development (VMGT) and the Department of Education and Children (NSC) who have separate arrangements.

c) An employee, who normally works a 5.5 day working week, including Saturday morning, shall be allowed, if the 1 January, Christmas Day or St Stephen's Day (Boxing Day) fall on a Saturday, a half-day's holiday on the normal preceding working day which shall reckon for all purposes as a Public or Privilege Holiday.

d) Save as mentioned in the preceding sub-paragraph where a Public or Privilege Holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the following or next normal working day shall be recognised for all purposes as the Public or Privilege Holiday.

e) Where any of the Public or Privilege Holidays referred to above falls on an employee's normal rest day, he shall be entitled to a day off with a normal day's pay in lieu on a day to be agreed.

f) A normal day's pay shall be such pay as is taken into account in the calculation of pay for annual holiday purposes as defined in Article 17 (d).

Note: If any employee is required to work on a public holiday over the Christmas and New Year period, he or she should be permitted to claim the lieu day at any time, by agreement with the employer, on or before the 31 August next following.

Last Updated - February 2016