Overtime payments – Shift workers

Article 9

A) General

Time worked before or after normal shifts which includes changeover shall count as overtime, to be calculated on a weekly and not a daily basis.

B) Entitlement

A full week shall be worked before overtime is payable except in case of absence due to:

  1. certificated sickness
  2. absence by permission of employer

which absences shall be included for the purpose of determining overtime entitlement.

C) Overtime Rates

  1. Overtime shall be aggregated over the week and shall be paid for as follows:
    • Time-and-one-half
      • Monday
      • Tuesday
      • Wednesday
      • Thursday
      • Friday
      • Saturday (up to 6pm)
    • Double Time
      • Saturday (after 6pm)
      • Sunday
  2. Where, however, a shift worker works overtime at a time which is more than 3 hours before the commencing time of the next normal day shift, the rate payable for all hours worked after midnight up to the normal commencing time of the next normal day shift shall be double-time. Overtime shall be calculated on the plain-time rate exclusive of the shift allowance under Article 15.

Note: For overtime payments in respect of Rest Day working, see Article 14.


Last Updated - February 2016