Overtime payments – Dayworkers

Article 8

The provisions of this Article do not apply to Leisure Group Workers employed by the Department of Economic Development (VMGT) and Department of Education and Children (NSC) who have separate arrangements for PSC Manual and Craft Workers via a Local Agreement, effective 1 September 1997.

A) General

  1. Time worked before or after a normal day's work shall count as overtime and shall be paid for on the basis of each week standing by itself, overtime hours being aggregated over the week.
  2. With effect from 1 January 1990 School Caretakers shall be subject to separate arrangements for evening duties as contained in Appendix 14 hereof.

B) Entitlement

A full week shall be worked before overtime is payable except in case of absence due to:

  1. certificated sickness
  2. absence by permission of employer, which absences shall be included for the purpose of determining overtime entitlement

C) Overtime Rates

  1. Overtime shall be aggregated over the week and shall be paid for as follows:
    • Time-and-one-half
      • Monday
      • Tuesday
      • Wednesday
      • Thursday
      • Friday
      • Saturday (up to 6pm)
    • Double Time (see also para (d) below)
      • Saturday (after 6pm)
      • Sunday
  2. Where, however, a day worker works overtime at a time which is more than 3 hours before the normal commencing time, the rate payable for all hours worked after midnight up to normal commencing time shall be double-time.

D) Sunday Work - Overtime

  1. Double-time rate shall be paid with a minimum payment of 2 hours at double time for all Sunday work which, by agreement, is not part of the normal working week.
  2. Where an employee works overtime on a Sunday, not being part of his normal working week, which requires attendance on 2 or more occasions during the day, he shall be paid in respect of the first attendance a minimum payment of 2 hours at double-time and in respect of the second and additional attendance the actual hours worked at double-time.
  3. An employee of the Heritage Railways Division of Isle of Man Transport engaged on traffic duty shall be paid time rate and one half for each hour of duty on a Saturday (subject to a minimum 4 hour guarantee) and double time for each hour of duty on a Sunday (subject to a minimum 3 hour guarantee).

Note: For overtime payments in respect of Rest Day working, see Article 14.

Last Updated - February 2016