Article 43

For the purposes of:

  1. annual holiday entitlements
  2. the Sick Pay Scheme

The expressions 'continuous service' and 'continuous employment' should be interpreted as meaning:

Unbroken service under the terms of the PSC Manual and Craft Workers Memorandum of Agreement 2015 provided that any break in service of less than 6 weeks shall be disregarded.

Any service prior to a break of 6 weeks or more shall not be taken into account in determining entitlements.

Note: The above definition cannot be applied to the calculation of reckonable service for superannuation purposes for which special provisions are contained in the pension schemes. In any event, service with a Local Authority does not automatically reckon for superannuation purposes and each case has to be treated on its merits.

For the purpose of:

  1. the Employment Act 2006
  2. the Redundancy Payments Act 1990

Continuous employment shall be calculated in accordance with Schedule 5 of the Employment Act 2006.

Note: Queries may be dealt with on a case by case basis and advice should be sought from the Office of Human Resources, the Manx Industrial Relations Service or trade union.

Last Updated - February 2016