Extra payments for continuous extra skill or responsibility

Article 38

A) Craftsmen's Labourers

Those craftsmen's labourers, specified under Article 5 (b)(i) are entitled to receive the extra payments set out in Appendix 8 to this Agreement. The classes of operatives engaged and employed whole time in the occupations specified in the Appendix shall receive the respective extra payments prescribed (in each case above the labourers' basic rate). The code letters A to N appended to the classes of operatives cross-refer to the schedule of extra payments.

These extra payments, which were introduced with effect from the pay week in which the 1 June 1984 fell, form part of the operatives basic rate and should be used for the calculation of overtime.

Note: It is emphasised that the extra payments apply only to those labourers who are covered by Appendix 2.

B) Plumbers

As part of the Single Craft Agreement and with effect from 1 April 2002 the allowance formerly paid under this Article will cease to be paid.

Last Updated - February 2016