Electricians – Additional Skills Plus Rate

Article 42

  1. An electrician who is required to perform exacting diagnostic work over a work range of modern electronic and control equipment, in addition to more usual maintenance or new work, shall be paid a plus rate at the rate set out in (f) below.

  2. The plus rate, when authorised to be paid, will absorb any existing payment made to the electrician related to the exercise by him of higher skills but it does not follow that all electricians currently receiving such payments will qualify for the plus rate.

  3. Any electrician who feels he could qualify for the plus rate must submit a fully documented application (including a job profile) giving details of the diagnostic skills he is called upon to exercise in his daily work to his Department or Local Authority for determination. The application should also indicate the date from which the payment of the plus rate is sought.

  4. If, on examining the application referred to in paragraph (c) above, the Department or Local Authority is satisfied that the criteria for the plus rate has been met, it will authorise payment: if not satisfied, the application will be referred to the JNC.

  5. The plus rate, when authorised to be paid, shall be taken into account for all purposes.

  6. With effect from 1 April 2018 the plus rate is 63p per hour.

Last Updated - April 2019