School caretakers - Evening duties

Appendix 14

A) Full-time School Caretakers and Assistant School Caretakers

A full-time school caretaker and/or assistant school caretaker shall be paid overtime rates as laid down in Article 8 of the Memorandum of Agreement, in respect of duties and responsibilities arising from the use of the school which occurs after the normal finishing time on week-days and on Saturdays and Sundays, subject always to the following conditions:

  1. A minimum payment as for 2 hours where there is a break between the caretaker's normal finishing time and the time of the commencement of the letting as booked – the period of time to be paid for at overtime rate is the time actually booked by the user together with such period as the caretaker is required to be in attendance to prepare the rooms for use at the commencement of the letting and to make and leave secure the school at the conclusion of the letting. This period will normally be 15 minutes each at the beginning and end of the letting (ie a total of half-an-hour) subject to (ii) below.

  2. Where in exceptional circumstances, the normal time allowance referred to in (i) above for the preparation of the school before the commencement and/or at the conclusion of the letting is inadequate (eg where a substantial quantity of furniture has to be moved such as chairs, etc., placed in a large hall) the time so involved shall be assessed by the Department of Education and Children, added to the booked time of the letting and the total time paid for at overtime rates.

  3. The caretaker and/or assistant caretaker can be required to be in attendance for the period of the letting and to perform normal caretaking work during that time.

  4. The supplement for work carried out during "unsocial hours" shall be payable in accordance with the provisions contained in Article 13 Paragraph B of the Memorandum of Agreement in relation to work performed by school caretakers under this clause.

Last updated: 1 September 2015