Proportionate annual holidays

Appendix 6

A) Annual leave entitlement

In line with the 2021/22 PSC Pay Agreement and the harmonisation of annual leave provisions across the PSC, Manual & Craft employees who at 1 April 2021, had an annual leave entitlement of less than 28 days, adopted the annual leave allowances as shown in the table below:

Length of Service

Annual Leave (Days)

On appointment 


After 1 year


After 3 years 


5 years 


8 years 


10 years 


Those employees who at 1 April 2021 had an annual leave entitlement of 28 days or more, will retain that entitlement and the provision for progression to further leave entitlement through length of service as set out in the table below:

General Workers and Craftsmen in employment
at 31 March 2000
General Workers and Craftsmen who commenced employment
on or after 1 April 2000
Completed Years Service Allowance Days Completed Years Service Allowance Days
0 20 (+1)* 0 20
5 25 (+1)* 4 22
8 26 8 24
11 27 12 26
14 28 16 28
17 29 20 30
20 30    

Note: * Additional day previously awarded to craftsmen

B) Long Service Award Scheme

  1. Background

1.1 The Civil Service Commission introduced a Long Service Award Scheme for the Island’s civil servants in January 2001. The DHSS subsequently introduced a scheme for its employees from April 2001 based on the principles of that scheme.

1.2 It was agreed that a scheme which provides for recognition of service in a similar manner to the Civil Service and DHSS schemes should be introduced for Manual and Craft Workers.

  1. Long Service

2.1 The Public Services Commission (PSC) will recognise and reward long service through the provision of additional leave or pay.

2.2 In calculating reckonable service for this scheme, separate periods of employment with one employing authority will be aggregated. Thus, if a woman has 5 years’ continuous employment with an employing authority, resigns to start a family but is subsequently re-employed by the same authority several years later, she would only have to wait a further 5 years before she is eligible for recognition and reward.

2.3 Periods of service with other IOM employing authorities under PSC Manual and Craft Workers terms and conditions of service will count for the purpose of this scheme provided the service was gained immediately before being appointed to the individual’s current employer (ie. the provisions of Article 23 of the Memorandum of Agreement would apply).

2.4 For the avoidance of doubt, periods of probation and apprenticeships will be counted for the purposes of this scheme.

2.5 Eligibility extends to all PSC Manual and Craft Workers, regardless of craft, grade or status.

  1. Recognition and Reward

3.1 The PSC will reward employees who have given long service by granting 1 additional day’s leave on completion of 10, 20, 30 and 40 years’ service.

3.2 In the case of part-time employees, the reward will be calculated on a pro-rata basis (rounded up to the nearest half-day).

3.3 The additional leave year will only apply to the anniversary year – it is not an ongoing enhancement of leave allowance.

3.4 Employees will have the option to convert the additional leave to extra pay, if they wish. This will be paid as special paid leave on the same basis as holiday pay and will therefore be subject to NI and ITIP deductions.

3.5 Where pay is calculated on a 7 day week basis, but the employee works for less than 7 days, the additional pay will be calculated as a fraction of the number of days actually worked. So, for example, if an employee normally works a 5 day week, each additional day’s pay will be calculated as 1/5th week, not 1/7th

3.6 Where an employee has had periods of service which is a combination of part-time and full-time the additional leave/pay entitlement will be granted on the basis of service at the date of entitlement. For example, a person who has had 7 years’ part-time service followed by 3 years’ full-time will receive an additional full day’s leave or pay on completion of 10 years’ service. Conversely, a person who has had 7 years’ full-time service followed by 3 years’ part-time will receive additional leave/pay based on their part-time service.

  1. Backdating

4.1 The Scheme will be effective from 1 April 2001 and will be backdated in full to employees in post at that date save that retrospective leave must be taken no later than 30 September 2002.

4.2 So, for example, an employee who has 12 years’ service at 1 April 2001 will be entitled to one additional day’s leave immediately (in respect of 10 years’ service), which he/she can take as leave or extra pay. She/he will be entitled to a further additional day’s leave (or pay) after completion of 20 years’ service.

4.3 As a further example, an employee with 29 years’ service will be entitled to an extra 2 days’ immediately (which he/she can take as extra leave or pay, or one day of each) and a further day on completion of 30 years’ service.

4.4 A serving employee who already has 40 years’ service will immediately be entitled to an extra 4 days’ leave or pay.

4.5 Those employees with retrospective entitlement must select leave or pay within 6 months of the introduction of the scheme and agree with management when leave will be taken. Where an employee seeks pay instead this will be paid in full at the time of selection.

4.6 For avoidance of doubt, former employees whose employment terminated before 1 April 2001 (through resignation, retirement or otherwise) will not benefit from this scheme.

  1. Application and Approval

5.1 Employees will be required to apply for a long service award on Form LSA 1 (attached as Appendix A). They will submit their completed form to their line manager (or equivalent) who will in turn forward it to the relevant Head of Division (or equivalent) for confirmation of entitlement and authorisation.

5.2 Once authorised, the form will be maintained with the individual’s record (for additional leave) or to the relevant finance section (for additional pay).

5.3 Any grievances regarding entitlement will be dealt with via the normal grievance procedures.

  1. Illuminated Address

6.1 In addition to the above, PSC Manual and Craft workers who upon retirement have achieved at least 25 years’ continuous service with Government, will continue to receive an illuminated address.

6.2 The relevant Divisional Head will provide the Office of Human Resources with at least 2 months’ notice of such retirement, to allow time for the illuminated address to be prepared and signed by the Lt Governor and the Minister of the relevant Department.

Last amendment September 2021 reference # PSC 15-154