Grading structure / Definition of duties

Appendix 2

Scheme to grade supervisory responsibilities

The Scheme provides a basis for the assessment of supervisory responsibilities of Public Services Commission Manual and Craft workers.

The evaluation of supervisory responsibilities should be undertaken by comparison with the 4 levels of supervisory responsibilities and duties and reference to the formula which shows the points score for each level of responsibility, the numbers of staff supervised and the dispersal of staff.

The points score takes account of the degree of responsibility for employees and others for whose work the supervisor can be considered directly accountable and in particular the qualitative aspects of the supervision of those employees. Supervisors at Level 2 and above should have permanent direct accountability for quality and quantity of work; the extent to which a range of activities requires coordination; and the complexity of such activities. Also they should be involved in the welfare, training and development of those being supervised.

Last updated: 1 September 2015