The normal age of retirement for a civil servant is 65 years.

Civil servants may also be permitted to retire earlier than the normal retirement age in accordance with the provisions of Regulation C70 – Superannuation and this intention should be made known to their Department in accordance with the notice period requirements set out in Regulation A20.1 b – Notice Periods.

In exceptional circumstances only, for example:

  • Where there may be difficulties recruiting staff below the normal retirement age
  • To enable a civil servant to complete a key project where their expertise is crucial to its success or
  • Where it would be extremely difficult to find a suitably qualified successor with the expertise required

applications for extensions of service beyond the age of 65 may be considered in the interests of the Civil Service, subject to the civil servant concerned also remaining medically fit and providing satisfactory service. The views of the Department, Board or Office concerned will also be taken into account.

Extensions of service are subject to approval by the Public Services Commission and are normally granted for up to 1 year at a time, subject to a maximum age of 70 years.

Requests for extensions of service beyond age 65 years should be submitted to the Secretary of the Public Services Commission via Heads of Department. Applications should be made within the period 3 to 6 months before the civil servant’s normal retirement date (or date of expiry of an existing extension).

Late applications may be considered, but may be refused if the civil servant’s post has already been advertised in anticipation of his/her retirement.

Service after age 65 will normally be on the basis that the additional service will count as superannuable service and the civil servant will receive his/her pension on retirement at the end of the extension(s).

A copy of the Retirement Policy can be found in the Public Services Commission Civil Service Regulations Handbook 2015.

Last updated : 28 February 2012 - Amendment No. 11-001