Acceptance of gifts and rewards


a) It is an offence under the Corruption Act, 2008 for a civil servant corruptly to accept any gift or consideration as an inducement or reward for:

  1. doing, or refraining from doing, anything in his official capacity or
  2. showing favour or disfavour to any person in his official capacity

b) A civil servant must not accept directly or indirectly any gift, reward or benefit from any member of the public or organisation with whom he is brought into contact by reason of his official duties.

c) If the refusal of a proffered gift is likely to cause offence to the giver, a civil servant should, in accordance with the Financial Regulations, immediately submit a written report to his Accounting Officer, or if he is the Accounting Officer, to the Chief Secretary. In suitable cases, permission may be granted for the gift to be retained but the opportunity should be taken to avoid further gifts being offered from the same source.

d) The following items are not considered to be either gifts or rewards:

  1. general hospitality, such as business lunches
  2. normal commercial advertising (for examples diaries, pens and calendars)
  3. in the case of Ministers/Members, any gift with an estimated value below £100

Last updated : 8 May 2012 - Amendment No. 12-019