Pay, Overtime and Pensions Annexes

Annex C

Annex C1 - Pay Scales and Salary Analogues

Annex C2 - Overtime Bands and Additional Allowances

Annex C2 (ii) - Social Workers Cover Duty Agreement

Annex C2 (iii) - DOT Telephone Stand by Allowance – Engineering Works Section

Annex C2 (iv) - IOM Water Authority Cover Duty Agreement

Annex C2 (v) - Treasury, Customs and Excise Div, Drugs Strategy Allowance

Annex C2 (vi) - DTI – Marine Administration Duty Officer

Annex C2 (vii) - DOT - First Call On Call Allowance - Electronic Engineers

Annex C2 (viii) - DHSS - Telephone Standby Allowance – Home Care Services

Annex C2 (ix) - DOT - First Call on Call – Vehicle & Driving Test Centre

Annex C2 (xii) - DHA - First Call On Call Allowance - Communications Division Technical Staff

Annex C2 (xv) - DOT - First Call On Call Allowance - Drainage Division

Annex C2 (xvi) - DHA - Prison Emergency On Call Allowance

Annex C2 (xvii) - DHA - First Call On Call Allowance, Isle of Man Constabulary – IT and Communications Divisions

Annex C2 (xviii) - AGO - On Call Cover and Court Attendance Allowance - Legal Officers Prosecutions

Annex C2 (xviv) - CO - Disturbance Allowance for Attending Ronaldsway Airport at Week Ends and Bank Holidays - Passport, Immigration and Nationality Office

Annex C2 (xvv) -DED - Responsibility Payments for Villa Marina and Gaiety Theatre Designated Officials

Annex C3 - Rates of Legal and Internal Audit Allowances

Annex C4 - Trainee Accountants Pay and Recruitment

Annex C5 - Shift Disturbance Allowance

Annex C5 (i) - Shift Disturbance Allowance – Water Authority

Annex C6 - Night Duty Agreement

Annex C7 - Official Distances

Annex C8 - Corporate Leadership Group – Terms and Conditions Exclusions

Annex C9 - IT Recruitment/Retention Allowance - (previously Annex C2(x))

Annex C10 - DHA - Relief Coroner’s Officer Allowance - (previously Annex C2(xi))

Annex C11 - MNH Visitor Services Assistant & Visitor Services Supervisor - House of Mannanan - (previously Annex C2(xiii))

Annex C12 - DAFF - All Hours Worked Allowance - Fishery Protection Vessel - (previously Annex C2(xiv))

Annex C13 - Overtime for ATC Supervisors, ATCOs/Fire Watch Commanders/Air Traffic Engineers/ATS Assistants

Annex C14 - DHA Dirty Protest Compensation Allowance Agreement

Annex C22 Recruitment/Retention Allowance - Team Leaders & Senior Educational Psychologists

Annex C23 - Approved Social Workers' Allowance - Department of Social Care & Department of Health

Annex C24 - Qualification and Retention Incentive - Treasury Income Tax Division