Professional qualifications


A) Departments may require civil servants in certain posts to obtain a particular professional or academic qualification. This could occur where a qualification although not mandatory for a post, is desirable or where statutory requirements change regarding qualifications needed to undertake certain functions within that post. Where the department requires the civil servant to undertake such a qualification, the department will meet the full cost of the training.

B) Civil servants may wish to acquire a particular professional qualification which will enable them to perform more effectively in their present or future duties or as a means of personal and career development.

Where a civil servant wishes to undertake such a course of study, the application form at Annex G1 must be completed. It is for the Accounting Officer to determine whether the particular course is relevant and appropriate. In these cases, the department may grant financial assistance up to the limits set out at Regulation G8, towards the costs of the course.

Training costs include course costs, travel to attend for study or examinations; etc. However, it does not include the cost of subscriptions for membership of the professional body. In all cases, civil servants will be required to sign the Application Form at Annex G1.

Note: Regulations G5 to G7 are blank.