Membership of professional institutions / associations


Where a civil servant is a qualified member of a professional institution or association which has continuing professional development (CPD)/education provisions, whether recommended or mandatory, they should be encouraged to comply with them.

Accounting Officers may, at their discretion, provide financial assistance for continuing professional development/education events taking account of the need to maintain a core of professionally qualified staff; the need to update and develop qualified staff; and the requirements of career and succession planning.

At the discretion of Accounting Officers, membership fees may be reimbursed to a member of the Civil Service where a professional qualification:

  1. is an essential criterion for occupation of the post, for example where an officer is required to hold membership of a professional organisation in order to practice or
  2. is a desirable criterion for occupation of the post and such membership will provide demonstrable benefit to the performance of the role and/or the Department concerned.

Further Information

Section C of the Regulations details subsistence, excess hours worked and visits home during training courses.

Section F details leave of absence for study and examinations.