Referral to the Occupational Health Practitioner


The Accounting Officer should consider whether the matter should be referred to the Public Services Commission to arrange for the civil servant to be seen by the Occupational Health Practitioner using the procedure set out in Annex E4 to these Regulations.

The reasons for requesting a referral to the Public Services Commission’s Occupational Health Practitioner may include:

  1. short term self-certificated sick absences (see the Management of Sickness Absence Policy and Guidance at 4.6.2) or

  2. regular absences on certified sick leave or

  3. where there is a medical condition that may lead to premature retirement on the grounds of permanently impaired health in accordance with the provisions of Section B of these regulations or

  4. continuous sick leave in excess of 4 to 6 weeks, however each case should be considered separately, if concern exists for a civil servant within this period, a medical referral should be made sooner. (If a manager is in any doubt, further guidance is available from the HR Advisers in the Office of Human Resources). (See also the Management of Sickness Absence Policy and Guidance at 4.6.3).

Last updated: 8 May 2013 - Amendment No. 13-005

Note: Regulation E13 is blank.