Absence due to injury / disease incurred at work


Where a civil servant is absent due to an injury sustained or a disease contracted in circumstances satisfying the qualifying conditions for payment of injury benefits under any such Injury Benefits Scheme that has been put in place by the Public Sector Pensions Authority:

  1. the sick absence maximum of 6 months on full pay and 12 months overall may be extended by the period or periods of absence up to a maximum of 12 months on full pay and a further 6 months on half pay providing that there is a reasonable prospect of recovery and return to duty. The decision to extend sick pay rests with the Department and any appeal against the Department’s decision should be made via the internal grievance procedure where Stage 3 of this procedure is final and/or

  2. staff on authorised absence with reduced pay or no pay because of an injury or disease wholly or mainly attributable to their employment may qualify for Temporary Injury Allowance (TIA). TIA is subject to income tax and National Insurance deductions.

Entitlement to TIA is decided by the claimant’s employer. Applications for TIA should be made by the staff member to their line manager.

In the event that a claim is rejected an appeal against any decision can be referred to the Public Sector Pensions Authority. Further advice can also be sought from the Office of Human Resources.

Details of the TIA scheme and an application form for Temporary Injury Allowance can be accessed in documents.

Last Updated: 1 April 2015 - Amendment No. 15-001

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