A new entrant to the Civil Service may be required to serve a period of probation during which their work and conduct will be carefully assessed. The period of probation will usually be 6 months although this be reduced or waived by the Commission if appropriate.

During the period of probation, reports on the civil servant's conduct and capability must be submitted to the Public Services Commission in accordance with the Probationary Reporting Procedures in the Public Services Civil Service Regulations Handbook 2015.

At the end of the probationary period the Accounting Officer will indicate on the last probationary report whether the civil servant's appointment should be confirmed. Where progress has been satisfactory, the Secretary of the Public Services Commission will confirm this in writing, to the civil servant concerned.

In the event that the civil servant's progress has not been satisfactory during the period of probation, the procedures in Section B - Employee Relations (and the additional information Probationary Reporting Procedures, in the Public Services Commission Civil Service Regulations Handbook 2015) of these Regulations must be followed.

Failure to reach the minimum standard required will result in the termination of the appointment. The appointment could be terminated at any time (with appropriate notice) during the probationary period if it is clear that the civil servant is not going to achieve the minimum standard. In exceptional cases where there is a reasonable prospect that the civil servant will achieve the minimum requirements, the Commission may grant an extension of probation in accordance with Section B - Employee Relations of these Regulations on the recommendation of the Accounting Officer.