Interest in contracts with Government departments


a) Unless a civil servant discloses to the Accounting Officer the measure of their interest in any contract with the Isle of Man Government, and the Accounting Officer has given their permission for the contract, purchase or sale to proceed (notwithstanding the interest held by the civil servant):

  • no Government contract shall be let to a civil servant or to any partnership of which they are a member (apart from a corporation of more than ten persons in which they are a shareholder);
  • no Government contract shall be let to any company of which a civil servant is a director (except as a nominee of the Government); iii) no civil servant shall be permitted to accept a directorship (except as a nominee of the Government) in any company holding a contract with the Government.

b) No purchase for the Government shall be made from, and no sale for the Government made to, any civil servant without the express sanction of the Accounting Officer.

c) In no circumstances should any civil servant negotiate or arbitrate in any matter affecting a Government contract, purchase or sale, where in their private capacity they are interested either as principal or as a shareholder in a company being one of the principals to the matter under consideration.

d) If a civil servant has occasion officially to come into contact with any matter concerning a business organisation in which they have an interest (apart from holding shares in corporations of more than ten persons) that interest must be disclosed to the Accounting Officer so that another civil servant may be appointed to deal with the case.