Bankruptcy, insolvency and executions for debt


Though each case of bankruptcy, insolvency and execution for debt must be treated on its merits, the following general rules apply:-

A6.1 Bankruptcy and Insolvency

a) A civil servant who becomes a bankrupt or insolvent, must at once report the fact to the Chief Executive Officer (Isle of Man Government). Failure to do so is a disciplinary offence which may result in the civil servant being removed from the Civil Service with no expectation of being reinstated.

b) A complete statement of the facts of the case must be submitted to the Chief Secretary by the bankrupt/insolvent civil servant.

c) If public funds have been, or are likely to have been involved the civil servant must be suspended from duty without pay.

d) If there is evidence that public funds have been mis-appropriated, prosecution of the civil servant should be considered.

e) In no circumstances will a civil servant who is bankrupt or insolvent be employed on duties which will involve public money.

A6.2 Execution for Debt

a) A civil servant who has an execution for a debt granted against him must at once report the fact to his Accounting Officer together with the reasons for non-payment of the debt.

b) The Accounting Officer shall decide whether the circumstances justify any further action (e.g. debarring the civil servant from being employed on duties which involve public money) and if so refer the matter to the Chief Executive Officer (Isle of Man Government) together with his recommendations.