Acceptance of outside appointments


Post Employment Occupations

a) To safeguard the basic principles of propriety, a civil servant or former civil servant holding the grade of Open Structure Grade 7 or equivalent or higher grade at the time of leaving the Civil Service shall not accept an appointment outside the Civil Service in the Isle of Man Business Community for a period of one year after ceasing to be a civil servant without the prior written approval of the Public Services Commission.

b) In determining whether a civil servant or former civil servant may accept such an appointment, there shall be a general presumption that such appointments are favourable but the Public Services Commission will consider whether that civil servant or former civil servant in their official capacity has had dealings with the prospective employer or has had access to commercially sensitive information about the prospective employer’s competitors.

c) It will be the responsibility of the civil servant or former civil servant to advise the Public Services Commission of any intention to take up such an appointment which will include the acceptance of a directorship in the Isle of Man Business Community.

d) The Isle of Man Business Community shall include any business off-Island which transacts business on the Island.

Secondary Occupations

a) The approval of the Director or Divisional Head must be obtained before a civil servant can undertake part-time work for payment outside normal official hours. An application must be submitted in writing.

b) Generally, a civil servant must not:

  1. accept a position in any society or in any trading, commercial, industrial or financial firm or company in respect of which they are liable to be called away during normal official hours


  2. engage in any activity which would in any way tend to impair their usefulness as a civil servant or which might in any way conflict with the interests of their department or be inconsistent with their position as a civil servant.

c) Where a civil servant is dissatisfied with the decision of the Director or Divisional Head, they may apply in writing to the Accounting Officer requesting that the decision be reviewed.

Last updated: December 2023 - Amendment No. 15-184