Work Life Balance Annexes

Annex F

Annex F1 - Annual Leave Allowances

Annex F2 - Statement Of Intention – Maternity & Adoption

Annex F3 - Model Letter To Acknowledge Notification Of Maternity Leave

Annex F4 - Matching Certificate

Annex F5 - Form To Apply For Paternity Adoption Leave

Annex F6 - Model Letter For Line Manager To Acknowledge Notification Of Adoption Leave

Annex F7 - Form To Apply For Paternity Leave

Annex F8 - Flexible Working Application Form

Annex F9 - Flexible Working Application Acceptance

Annex F10 - Flexible Working Application Rejection

Annex F11 - Flexible Working Appeal

Annex F12 - Flexible Working Appeal Reply Form

Annex F13 - Flexible Working Extension Of Time Limit Form

Annex F14 - Flexible Working Notice Of Withdrawal Form

Annex F15 - Application For Parental Leave

Annex F16 - Flexible Working Application – Process Flow

Annex F17 - Flexible Working Application – Appeals Process

Annex F18 – Education Support Staff Special Leave