Pay, Overtime and Pensions Annexes

Annex C

Annex C1 - Pay Scales and Salary Analogues

Annex C2 - Overtime Bands and Additional Allowances

For copies of all original agreements, please refer to the annexes below, to view the current Civil Service Allowances, please use the link above.

Annex C2 (ii) - Social Workers Cover Duty Agreement

Annex C2 (iii) - DOT Telephone Stand by Allowance – Engineering Works Section

Annex C2 (iv) - IOM Water Authority Cover Duty Agreement

Annex C2 (v) - Treasury, Customs and Excise Div, Drugs Strategy Allowance

Annex C2 (vi) - DTI – Marine Administration Duty Officer

Annex C2 (vii) - DOT - First Call On Call Allowance - Electronic Engineers

Annex C2 (viii) - DHSS - Telephone Standby Allowance – Home Care Services

Annex C2 (ix) - DOT - First Call on Call – Vehicle & Driving Test Centre

Annex C2 (xii) - DHA - First Call On Call Allowance - Communications Division Technical Staff

Annex C2 (xv) - DOT - First Call On Call Allowance - Drainage Division

Annex C2 (xvi) - DHA - Prison Emergency On Call Allowance

Annex C2 (xvii) - DHA - First Call On Call Allowance, Isle of Man Constabulary – IT and Communications Divisions

Annex C2 (xviii) - AGO - On Call Cover and Court Attendance Allowance - Legal Officers Prosecutions

Annex C2 (xix) - CO - Disturbance Allowance for Attending Ronaldsway Airport at Week Ends and Bank Holidays - Passport, Immigration and Nationality Office

Annex C2 (xx) - DED - Responsibility Payments for Villa Marina and Gaiety Theatre Designated Officials

Annex C2 (xxi) - Government Unified Scheme (GUS) Transitional Rebate: Continuation of Rebate until 31 March 2020

Annex C2 (xxii) – Department of Infrastructure: Isle of Man Airport – Air Traffic Controllers, On the Job Instruction

Annex C2 (xxiii) – DHA - Isle of Man Probation Service Out of Hours Cover Duty Agreement

Annex C2 (xxiv) – Department of Infrastructure: Airport Division - Unit Training Manager Allowance

Annex C2 (xxvi) – GTS on-call Local Agreement

Annex C3 - Rates of Legal and Internal Audit Allowances

Annex C4 - Trainee Accountants Pay and Recruitment

Annex C5 - Shift Disturbance Allowance

Annex C5 (i) - Shift Disturbance Allowance – Water Authority

Annex C5 (ii) – Customs and Excise – Law Enforcement Officers

Annex C6 - Night Duty Agreement

Annex C7 - Official Distances

Annex C8 - Corporate Leadership Group – Terms and Conditions Exclusions

Annex C9 - IT Recruitment/Retention Allowance - (previously Annex C2(x))

Annex C10 - DHA - Relief Coroner’s Officer Allowance - (previously Annex C2(xi))

Annex C11 - MNH Visitor Services Assistant & Visitor Services Supervisor - House of Mannanan - (previously Annex C2(xiii))

Annex C12 - DAFF - All Hours Worked Allowance - Fishery Protection Vessel - (previously Annex C2(xiv))

Annex C13 - Overtime for ATC Supervisors, ATCOs/Fire Watch Commanders/Air Traffic Engineers/ATS Assistants

Annex C14 - DHA Dirty Protest Compensation Allowance Agreement

Annex C22 Recruitment/Retention Allowance - Team Leaders & Senior Educational Psychologists

Annex C23 - Approved Social Workers' Allowance - Department of Social Care & Department of Health

Annex C24 - Qualification and Retention Incentive - Treasury Income Tax Division

Annex C25 - DOI Port Security Group –Terms and Conditions