Sick pay

The sick pay schemes in place across Government are there to provide support to members of staff when they go off sick if provided for in the individual’s terms and conditions.

A member of staff does not have to be on long term sick to have their pay reduced – it could also be the result of a number of persistent short term absences.

Terms and Conditions

Sick pay arrangements vary across the IOM Public Sector and it is the responsibility of managers/supervisors to ensure they refer to the correct terms and conditions when determining a member of staff sick pay. Advice can be provided from your HR Advisory team as to which terms and conditions apply.

Contractual sick pay is:

  • paid to the member of staff in accordance with the terms and conditions of employment

  • not exhaustive and the amount payable to a member of staff is governed by their terms and conditions

In order to qualify for contractual sick pay, the member of staff must follow the Management of Sickness Absence Policy and Guidance.

Half Pay / No Pay


Managers/Supervisors are responsible for:

  • monitoring absence levels for their members of staff and liaise closely with the relevant pay section over reductions in sick pay
  • informing members of staff about any reduction in sick pay as soon as they themselves are informed
  • reminding members of staff to complete an SC1 form for Incapacity Benefit upon being notified of progression to half pay, and advising staff to send the completed form to the Social Security Division of The Treasury

Advice and guidance can be sought from your HR Advisory Team. For more information, contact your HR Advisory Team.

Once a member of staff goes onto half or no pay, they may be entitled to claim Incapacity Benefit.

Incapacity Benefit

Incapacity benefit is a contributory benefit which gives financial assistance to members of staff who become sick and are unable to work.

Incapacity benefit is paid directly to the member.

There are basic qualifying conditions and 3 basic rates of pay.

Members of staff must have completed an SC1 Incapacity Benefit Claim Form in order to apply for this benefit.

The completed SC1 form should then be returned to the Social Security Division of the Treasury at the following address:

Incapacity Benefit Team
Social Security Division
Markwell House
Market Street

The SC1 form can also be obtained from:

  • the above address
  • by telephoning Incapacity Benefits Section on +44 1624 685108 / 685109 or
  • by email

The form is also available from your GP surgery.