Grades and promotions


The Isle of Man Civil Service grade descriptors are currently under review as part of work towards compliance with the Equality Act and the introduction of JEGS for manual and craft grade jobs. New grade descriptors will be available in due course. In the meanwhile, if you have any queries, please contact the Office of Human Resources on +44 1624 685000.

  • Administrative Assistant (AA)
  • Administrative Officer (AO)
  • Executive Officer (EO)
  • Executive Secretary (ES)
  • Higher Executive Officer (HEO)
  • Higher Professional and Technology Officer (HPTO)
  • Open Structure Grade 7
  • Personal Secretary (PS)
  • Professional and Technology Officer (PTO)
  • Secretary
  • Senior Executive Officer (SEO)
  • Senior Professional and Technology Officer (SPTO)
  • Senior Secretary
  • Support Grade 1 (SG1)
  • Support Grade 2 (SG2)
  • Support Manager 1 (SM1)
  • Support Manager 2 (SM2)
  • Support Manager 3 (SM3)
  • Technical Grade 1
  • Technical Grade 2


Opportunities for promotion should be as widely publicised as possible and open to anyone with either the skills, or potential after training, to meet the requirements of the job description.

Promotion should be a competitive selection process.

All applicants, where they request it, should be entitled to reasons why their promotion has been unsuccessful.

On promotion, an employee will normally enter the higher pay scale at:

  1. the minimum point of the new scale or if this does not yield a higher salary
  2. the point on the pay scale in that band that would deliver an increase in pay