Flexible working

If you wish to reduce your hours or work more flexibly in the role you have OHR can advise you about how to go about applying for flexible working, the things you may need to consider and what impact the changes may have on your other terms and conditions (eg leave allowances).

You might want to consider:

  • reducing your hours (term time only, shorter working weeks or days)
  • different working patterns (early start/late finish, compressed hours)
  • taking different rest days
  • reduce hours but carry on working your normal hours to accrue the ‘extra’ hours as flexitime

Whether your Department can accommodate your request will depend upon individual circumstances and you will need to consider solutions to difficulties that changing your working pattern or hours may cause.

Your first step is to talk things over with your line manager.


If you wish to take on a role with less responsibility or your Department no longer has a role for you, the Office of Human Resources will work in partnership with you to help identify if an alternative job may be available within Government. OHR will act as an intermediary between you and Departments with vacancies.

With agreement, it may be possible to place you directly into a vacant role, or you may have to go through an informal or formal selection procedure (eg an interview).

Members of OHR will also be able to help you prepare your CV and application form, prepare for interviews, find out information about other roles and Departments and answer questions on your terms and conditions of appointment and employment rights.

OHR can also seek pension information on your behalf to help make an informed decision about your individual circumstances.