Exit Interview

What is the purpose of an exit interview

The purpose of undertaking an exit interview when an employee is leaving government is to let us explore your experience working with us. This gives us the opportunity to listen to your views and collate information to help towards possible improvements and changes to the organisation.

Why your views matter

The experiences of those who have made the decision to move on from our organisation offer valuable perspective on some of the key areas that make an organisation successful. We are keen to understand more about different employee experiences here in the Public Service and any thoughts our leavers might have about what we could improve on for our people.

Use of data

To maximise security the survey has been developed internally to the Public Service using the Consultation Hub.

Participants are not required to provide a name when completing the survey or any contact information however participants who would like a copy of the survey they have completed can do this by providing an email address when prompted.

All data retained during a face-to-face interview is collected anonymously and cannot be attributed towards anyone.

How does the process work

When you receive your confirmation of resignation email from the PiP Changes team, there will be a link to an exit survey for you to fill out.

The Employee exit questionnaire is available online

The OD+D team will also contact each individual offering an exit interview.

Alternatively, you can contact the team on OD+D@gov.im if you’d like to request an exit interview or have any questions.

Anything discussed in the interview will be confidential.