Who we are

The Isle of Man Public Service

The Isle of Man Public Service is made up of eight departments and various boards and offices who all report to the Council of Ministers.

The total number of public service workers is around 9,000 people, roughly 10% of the population or 23% of the working population, all working together for the Isle of Man. 

We are responsible for:

  • health
  • education
  • social care
  • social security

We develop and maintain the Island’s Infrastructure such as:

  • roads
  • water
  • buses
  • heritage railway

We support and develop the Island’s economy through:

  • business development
  • tourism
  • innovation

We keep the Island safe by:

  • policing our streets
  • running our prison and fire service
  • protecting and promoting the Island’s environment which was recently the first whole island to be declared a UNESCO Biosphere

By coming to work with us at this exciting and challenging time you can help us to develop the Isle of Man for the people living here now and for the future.