Employee Referral Scheme

What is the Employee Referral Scheme?

The DESC has created a employee referral scheme for employees who recommend a secondary school teacher who is then appointed to a vacant position. The DESC Employee Referral Scheme applies to recruitment to all full or part time qualified Secondary Teaching positions. The scheme excludes recruitment to supply teaching. The payment is for £500 split into two payments. Further information on the scheme and how it operates can be found below.

Eligibility of Employees able to make referrals

The scheme is open to all Isle of Man Public Service employees to make referrals, subject to the following exceptions:

  • No OHR/ staff will be able to claim an ERS payment for any roles
  • Recruiting Managers or panel members will not be able to claim an ERS payment for a vacancy they are directly involved with

For a referral payment to be made, the person receiving the payment (the referrer) must remain employed by the Isle of Man Public Service during the entire referral payment period.

The ERS scheme will is only open to employees of public service bodies paid by the Isle of Man Public Service Office of Human Resources.

Isle of Man Public Service bank/relief/supply workers are also eligible to make referrals, providing they have worked shifts in the previous twelve months to the referral.

Employees can claim for a maximum of five referrals in any two year period.

Candidates eligible to make a referral

To be referred a person must be a 'new recruit', i.e. they must not already be:

  • an employee, a worker or subject to any other contract (e.g. bank, relief, supply, apprentice, temporary or other agency, locum)
  • due to start another role within the Isle of Man Public Service in any capacity
  • a student (current or completed within the last 12 months) on Isle of Man education programmes for the designated role, e.g. Isle of Man Nursing or Teaching programmes at the time of referral.

Details of the payment

Candidates can do this by selecting ‘Isle of Man Public Service Employee Referral Scheme’ in the ‘Where did you hear about this vacancy’ section of the application form and providing your name as the referrer. Only one employee can be documented as a referrer for any individual candidate. Giving notice of a referrer after application will not be accepted.

Payment will be made to the employee who has referred the candidate via payroll and will be subject to Tax and NI contributions. Payments are non-consolidated and do not contribute towards pension, holiday pay or any other enhancement.

The first payment of £250 will be paid to the referrer after the new starter has been in post for one calendar month in the next available pay run.

The second payment of £250 will be paid after the new starter has been in place for six months in the next available pay run.