Industrial JEGS for PSC Manual & Craft Workforce

In 2016 in conjunction with Union representatives, it was agreed that the manual and craft grading scheme and pay structure was no longer fit for purpose, especially in light of the pending introduction of the Equality Act. Approval was therefore granted to introduce a new pay and grading system for manual and craft workers. The scheme used is called Industrial JEGS

In January 2020, the provisions for ‘equal pay for work of equal value’ under the Equality Act 2017 came into force.  This means that we need to ensure that jobs within the Public Services Commission are measured and where they are of the same value they should be paid the same to avoid any claims for equal pay. 

Before Industrial JEGS there were around 84 different pay rates made up of basic grades many with additional plussages, to recognise particular skills or supervisory responsibilities. 

There will now be 5 Skill Zones with associated pay bands to replace the 84 existing pay rates. Additional payments for working patterns, overtime and shift working will all continue.

Further information in relation on Industrial JEGS for the Manual & Craft Workforce can be found using the links below.

Presentation on Industrial JEGS for the Manual & Craft Workforce

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