Confirm business car insurance

Step 1

Log onto PiP For My Team and either click on the relevant task in your To Do List or from the shortcut menu click on My Staff

My staff dashboard shortcut

Step 2

From the menu on the left hand side either click on the name of your team member you want to confirm the business car insurance for or type their surname in the search field and click on the magnifying glass:

Staff list options left side menu

Step 3

Click on Time & Expenses

Time and expenses link

Step 4

Click on Confirm Business Car Insurance

Confirm business car insurance link with pink box outline

Step 5

You should now see the registration numbers of all the vehicles your team member has saved on PiP For Me:

Private vehicles list

Step 6

Click on the registration number for the relevant vehicle

Step 7

Check the correct insurance policy has been uploaded by your team member and check that it states business use in the cover  

Step 8

Tick the Insurance checked box, complete the Valid until date and click Save

Private vehicles details pop up window

Green save button


For advice on business car insurance or for PiP For My Team system support please contact the OHR PiP Helpdesk