Adjust TOIL or annual leave entitlement

The system will automatically calculate leave carry over within the normal maximum allowed and any leave anniversary increases.

As a manager you will only need to adjust leave balances if you are:

  • authorising leave carry over above the maximum allowed
  • adding to or amending a TOIL balance
  • one of your team members has reached a long service award and has chosen to take a day of leave

Step 1

Log onto PiP For My Team and from the shortcut menu click on My Staff

My staff dashboard shortcut

Step 2

From the menu on the left hand side either click on the name of your team member you want to adjust the TOIL or annual leave for or type their surname in the search field and click on the magnifying glass:

Staff list left side page menu

Step 3

Click on Holiday and Other Absence

Holiday and other absence link

Step 4

Select Holiday Adjustment

Holiday adjustment button

Step 5

Select the relevant Scheme name (Annual leave or TOIL) from the drop down menu

Step 6

Change the Adjustment type to Adjust

Step 7

Type in the value of the adjustment in hours (for example: 4 hours for TOIL earned and type in a reason for the adjustment)

Note: If you need to add more than one adjustment under the same Scheme name click on the plus sign to add another line

Step 8

Click Save

For advice on TOIL and/or annual leave or for PiP For My Team system support please contact the OHR PiP Helpdesk