Add a MATB1 to a maternity absence

Step 1

Log onto PiP For My Team and from the shortcut menu click on My Staff
My staff drop down menu

Step 2

From the menu on the left hand side either click on the name of your team member you want to add the MATB1 to or type their surname in the search field and click on the magnifying glass:

Staff list on left side menu


Step 3

Click on Maternity, Adoption and Paternity
Maternity, adoption and paternity link

Step 4

Click on View Maternity Details

View maternity details button

Step 5

Click on the relevant absence from the Maternity Absence List

Maternity absence list on left side of menu

Step 6

Complete the Issue date of MATB1 and click Save

Maternity absence details pop-up box

Step 7

Click on the paperclip and select Document attachments

Paperclip button

Step 8

Give your attachment a name and select Document from the drop down menu

Step 9

Tick Visible in Self Service and click Choose file

Step 10

Follow the onscreen prompts to upload a copy of the MATB1 and click Save

Green save button


For advice on maternity, paternity or adoption absence or for PiP For My Team system support please contact the OHR PiP Helpdesk