Your holiday balance explained

Absence tab

Absence example

This is your remaining balance (244.6 hours)

Holiday balances

Holiday balances example with entitlement, taken, schedule and balance highlighted


This entitlement includes:

  • your annual entitlement
    • example: 25 days = 185 hours
  • any leave carried forward to this leave year
    • example: 12 days = 88.8 hours
  • number of bank holidays scheduled for this year 2018/19
    • there are 9 bank holidays this year (equals 66.6 hours)
  • So combining your annual leave entitlement with your carryover and bank holidays equal 340.8 hours = 46 days 

If you work part time or started part way through the year this balance will reflect your pro-rated entitlement


Number of holidays taken (including bank holidays)

Example: 7 days = 51.8 hours


Number of holidays scheduled (including bank holidays / privilege days)

Example: 6 days = 44.4 hours


Remaining holiday entitlement including days carried forward. Bank holidays are not included in this.

Example: 33 days = 244.6 hours

To convert hours into days

To convert your holiday balance to days simply divide the figure by 7.4