Update contact details

Step 1

Log onto PiP For Me and from the menu at the top of the screen click on Personal

PiP for me top banner menu options


Step 2

Under Contact information you will see at least one card:

To update your address please click on the Add button and click on Add address to enter details of your new address.

To update your existing contact details e.g. mobile number, user email address please follow the below steps:

Step 3

Click on the card containing the details you want to change e.g. User email address and make the changes you want to make

Step 4

Click Save

Green save button

Note: You can add additional contact information by clicking on the Add button and following the onscreen prompts

Large add button

Step 5

Log off PiP For Me now if you are finished with the system

Warning: Be aware of keeping your information confidential, especially if you are using PiP for Me in an open or public place