Check annual leave balance

Step 1

Log onto PiP For Me and from the menu at the top of the screen click on Absence

Pip For Me top banner

Step 2

Under Holidays you will see the following:

Holidays banner with details

This is your remaining annual leave entitlement in hours

Step 3

You can also check your annual leave entitlement for previous and future leave years by clicking on Holiday balances:

Holiday balances screen with all previous and future leave presented

The entitlement for leave years includes all bank and public holidays that you may be entitled to depending on your terms and conditions of employment

Note: Annual leave entitlement is pro rata for anyone who works part-time or who begins/finishes their employment part way through a leave year

Step 4

Log off PiP For Me now if you are finished with the system


Warning: Be aware of keeping your information confidential, especially if you are using PiP for Me in an open or public place