Book annual leave

Step 1

Log onto PiP For Me and from the menu at the top of the screen click on Absence

PiP for Me Banner menu

Step 2

Under Holidays you will see the following buttons:

Holidays banner with remaining hours and options

Step 3

Click on Add holiday

Note: There is also a quick link on your PiP For Me dashboard

Book a holiday dashboard menu item

Step 4

Complete the details of your request in the pop-up window:

Choose Personal holiday for the Absence type

Select your Holiday period (select either Part day, Full day or More than one day)

When you select your Holiday period you will then be prompted to select the date/s of your holiday

Book annual leave pop-up window

Note: If you choose Part day or More than one full day you will have the option to choose Morning, Afternoon or Specify time. If you select Specify time you can either add a start time and an end time or just the number of hours you will be absent from work on that date

Step 5

Click Save

Save or cancel button options


Saving your annual leave request sends an authorisation task to your line manager for them to approve it. Until your line manager approves your leave it is not confirmed that you are able to take the time off work.

If you book more annual leave than you are entitled to you will get a warning message, but you will still be able to submit your request. You can view the status of your request on your Absence screen.

Step 6

Log off PiP For Me now if you are finished with the system


Warning: Be aware of keeping your information confidential, especially if you are using PiP for Me in an open or public place