Add a vehicle for mileage claims

You must add a vehicle on PiP for Me in order to complete and submit a mileage claim.

Step 1

Log onto PiP for Me and from the menu at the top of the screen click on Personal

 PiP For Me Top Banner options

Step 2

Under Private vehicles click on Add vehicle

 Add Vehicle button under Personal tab

Step 3

Complete the details of your vehicle in the pop-up window

If this is the vehicle you normally claim mileage for then tick the Default vehicle for expenses box

 Vehicle details pop-up box with vehicle type, registration, engine and fuel information

Step 4

Click Save

Note: You should also upload a copy of your current vehicle insurance policy to show that you are covered for using your vehicle for business purposes (see how to attach a document)

 Save and cancel options on vehicle details pop-up box

Step 5

Log off PiP for Me now if you are finished with the system

Warning: Be aware of keeping your information confidential, especially if you are using PiP for Me in an open or public place